Beautiful Things Happen When a Women Trust God


Beautiful Things Happen When a Women Trust God
by Sheila Walsh
ISBN: 978-1-4002-0243-1
Thomas Nelson Publishers

This is the first Sheila Walsh book I have read.  I picked this book from the Thomas Nelson Bloggers Book Club because I was hoping to strengthen my trusting relationship with God. I was also yearning for inspiration, direction and scripture.  Ms. Walsh delivered on some of what I was looking for but fell short on others.

I enjoyed the stories from the bible and the different biblical figures she discusses. I am very weak in my scripture knowledge and I always enjoy the opportunity to learn more. Ms. Walsh told some of these stories in a way that I was able to learn and understand. I had several "ah-ha" moments but other times I was confused and lost.  I probably would have gained more from the stories had I had a little better knowledge of the bible. However, I did walk away with a better understanding of the Bible's characters and their walk with God and how trust played such an important role.

Several stories of note:
1. Forgive Much & Loving Much- The story of Paul.  Ms. Walsh writes of Paul "broken vessels seem to be uniquely crafted to carry grace. Paul never compromised the gospel of Christ but he brought it with a tender heart and compelling passion so that others would know this Jesus who saved him."

2. God's Grace - Time to Take a Stand- God's Grace. Ms. Walsh says "Do you see that no matter how often you fail, it is never too late to take your place at Jesus' side, never too late to trust him?"

3. The Call- Leap of faith. I enjoyed this chapter the most. Ms. Walsh talks about knowing that God was asking her to let go and to move on. This chapter is about taking a leap of faith or at least a little jump.

The best chapters of this book can be found toward the end.  Unfortunately, this book did not captivate me and I had a hard time finishing it. I was left feeling incomplete and wishing for more.

3.5 out of 5 stars

From the Publisher:  Delivering a big message with strong biblical insights and heartening personal stories, author and Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh shows women the life-changing power of trusting in God.

Most Christian women live with a deep sense that they can't seem to get things right, that if only they could be a little better, life would straighten out. Through her own personal hardships, Sheila Walsh has learned that the Christian life is not about getting things right or back to "normal." She writes, "Christ comes not to get us out of our difficulties but to live in us through them." She wants to show women that God has a stunningly beautiful moment of redemption for them that leads to a lifetime of peace and joy.

In this eye-opening message for women, she presents a moving look at her own story as she dives into the lives of Bible characters, drawing out lessons from their trials that women can use immediately to establish a deep, life-altering trust in the Father.



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